What Does Google Recommend for SEO?

by Mike Barry
CEO Fort Collins Web Works LLC

There are many search engines, but by far Google is the most important. The things we do to optimize our websites for Google usually help website search rankings in the other search engines too. Google doesn't tell anyone exactly how it decides on search engine rankings because they don't want anyone to game the system, but the do give lots of helpful advice for improving your website's ranking in the search engine results.

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google provides guidelines for content, design, technical and quality

Google SEO Starter Guide

Best practices for website organization, content, tags, and promotion

Google Webmaster Help Forum

Ask Google your questions

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Discuss how to SEO your website with other webmasters

Google Webmaster Tools

Google tools to improve your website

Google Website Optimizer

Test SEO techniques on your website

Google Analytics

Learn about your visitors and find out if your SEO is working

Matt Cutts Blog

Matt is a Google employee and he discusses SEO news, tips and help

Matt Cutts' videos on YouTube

Search YouTube for more of Matt's videos, he is a wealth of information

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