Quick Response Codes

by Mike Barry
CEO Fort Collins Web Works LLC

What is a QR or Quick Response code?

Fort Collins Web Works QR code

A Quick Response code is a graphic like a barcode, designed to be scanned for information about Calendar Events, Contact Information, Email Address, Location, Phone Number, SMS, text, URL, or WiFi Network. QR codes have been popular in Japan for years and they are starting to show up in the US. If your customers have a QR scanning app for their smartphone they can scan a QR code in your ad to read your information or open your website in their phone's browser. The RedLaser app is FREE for iPhones and Android smartphones. You can create your own QR code at the ZXing Project website for FREE.

Fort Collins Web Works QR code

The QR codes were created by DENSO CORPORATION in Japan in 1994. Not all smartphone users understand what QR codes are now, they are just becoming popular in the US, but more and more of the tech savvy consumers (usually the consumers with more income) do know what they are and they are often looking for special offers, discounts, coupons, videos or special information that they desire. MGH found that 32% of Americans with smartphones had scanned QR codes, 53% of those were looking for discount offers or coupons, and 72% said ads with QR codes are more memorable. QR code marketers recommend rewarding customers with something of value when they scan your QR code.

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