Our Policies

You own your website and have total control

Some companies will create your website and host it for you. They even take care of your domain name. This is very convenient for the customer, but it can become a problem if you ever want someone else to take over managing your website.

You need to control at least your domain name. Over time your domain name will become part of your company's brand. You will spend time, effort and money improving your website and developing it into an important part of your marketing. If the company that created your website owns your domain name, they don't have to give it to you when you terminate your relationship. Whoever registered the domain name controls what is on its website. They could sell your domain name to a competitor, giving your competitor new customers that your website attracts. They could even put innappropriate content on the website. Years ago, the domain name WhiteHouse.com was purchased by someone who turned it into a famous porn site. Today it is owned by a group of personal injury and disability lawyers and advertises their services. You can imagine the damage to your company's reputation that would happen if some unscrupulous person got control of your company's website.

Be sure that you register your domain name and control it. We encourage our customers to register their own domain names, and we will help you through the registration process if you want us to make sure you do it correctly.

You should have control over your website hosting account too. Then you can make sure that your hosting account doesn't expire causing your website to accidently dissappear and it will be easier to change website design companies if necessary. We encourage our customers to sign up for their hosting account themselves, but we will help you.

Sometimes a company will create a website for you, but they will retain the copyrights to the website style, graphics and text. This gives them control of your website content, and they can prevent you from making changes to your website. If we design your website we will give you the rights to change or use your website content in any way that you wish, like creating brochures or ads.

If we create your website, you will control the domain name, the hosting account, and all text, images and videos that we use to build your website. If you ever decide to switch to having another company maintain your website, and we hope you don't, you just have to change the passwords on your domain name and hosting accounts and tell us that our services are no longer required.


We try to price our services moderately. You can probably find a college student or a friend who will design your website for less, and you can easily find a large company with a large staff dedicated to your website that will charge a lot more. We try to set our prices in the middle of the range. We offer the experience and stability of a full time website design company that has been in business since 2000, and we design websites that are simple yet effective. We think this gives our customers the best value for their money.

We will keep your proprietary information private

We need to know a lot about you before we can create a website that will serve your needs. We will spend time discussing your business goals, philosophy, products, services and customers. We understand that this can be very private information that might damage your business if your competitors found out, so we will not share it with anyone else unless you want us to share it. Sometimes during the design process we need access to your website hosting account, your domain name registration account, and even PayPal or bank accounts. We are very careful with your passwords, and we usually destroy bank account or credit card information as soon as we are can.

You don't pay us until you are satisfied with your website

We want you to feel comfortable working with us, so we will give you a website design proposal with a maximum cost limit, and we will not ask for any payment until we have created your website and you have approved it.

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