Websites for Musicians

Websites are great tools for musicians. Use your music website to promote your latest CDs or downloads and even sell them directly to your fans, communicate with your fans through newsletters or blogs, and tell everyone when and where you will be performing.

A website designed for a musician or group may include:

  • Your Home page introduces the website, should download quickly, highlights special or important information, and directs users into the website.

  • Your About the Artist page will probably have a brief biography, a few pictures, and maybe some of your philosophy. The intent is to create a connection with the browser and encourage them to become a fan.

  • It's all about the music, and free music samples and lyrics will attract fans and help them decide that they want to purchase your new album or download. You can give away a few songs or parts of songs or lyrics on a Music page. You might want to add a list of all your albums, and either link customers to external sites like CDBaby or iTunes where they can purchase your material or sell them yourself directly from your website.

  • Some musicians sell other items on their Merch page, like posters and T-shirts.

  • Fans love to see pictures of you and themselves on your Photo Gallery pages.

  • A Newsletter or Blog page is great for communicating with your fans to keep them interested and create new fans. If you go to all the effort to write a newsletter why not add it to your website too? Your website can become your newsletter archive, and new fans that aren't on your mailing list can read current or archived newsletters. A blog can be even better because it allows your fans to respond to your news. This can be more interesting, but it will take more work because you will be expected to respond to your fans' posts.

  • Let your fans know when and where you will be performing with a Schedule page. Just send us the information for upcoming performances and we will add it to your website as soon as possible. We try to add small time sensitive items like schedule updates within 24 hours.

  • If you perform with other musicians or just want to help promote their work too, you can add a link to their website on a Links page.

  • Make it easy for fans or venues to contact you with a Contact Information page. The contact information will probably be found on other pages of your website, but make it as easy as possible for them to contact you.

The cost of a musician website will depend on how many pages are required, how much information is on each page, and how complex they are. A typical 10 page musician website design will cost about $1000*, and a hosting account with domain name registration will cost another $6.95*/month.

*These are only cost estimates. Your actual costs will be specified in your proposal.

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