Online Stores with Owner Controlled Inventory

The online store with owner controlled inventory is designed to advertise, provide information, and take orders for products on the Internet. The business owner will needs to manage the inventory (change prices, add and subtract items, mark items in and out of stock), check for orders, respond to the customers' questions and fill their orders. If your inventory changes constantly, you can take your own product pictures, and you are comfortable making changes to your website you might want a website with user controlled inventory. These websites are more expensive to create initially because we have to create two websites one for your customers and another private one for you to use when updating your inventory.

A typical online store with owner controlled inventory will include:

  • Home Page This page introduces the web site, should download quickly, highlights special or important information, and directs users into the web site.

  • About Us Page This page provides location, a map, hours, contact information, and staff information.

  • Product Pages These pages supply detailed product information, and a way to add the item to a shopping cart.

  • Related Information Pages These pages help establish your qualifications as an expert in this field, or as a legitimate place on the web to purchase the product.

  • Shopping Carts accumulate the customer's order, gather their credit card information in a secure manner, and submit their order to your payment gateway.

  • Secure Inventory Management pages that the store owner will use to manage the store's inventory.

The cost of an online store with owner controlled inventory will depend on how many pages are required, how much information is on each page, and how complex they are. A typical 10 page online store with owner controlled inventory design will cost about $2000*, and a hosting account with domain name registration will cost another $6.95*/month.

Hosting account and domain name registration costs: $6.95*/month
Develop a custom template: $210*
Create other pages: $70-$140*/page
Create inventory management pages: $800

*These are only cost estimates. Your actual costs will be specified in your proposal.

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