Organizing your Information into Webpages

A well organized website is very important because your customers will leave your website and go to your competitor's site if they get confused when trying to find information about you or your products. We like to include a navigation bar on all pages or almost all pages of your website so customers can go directly from any page to any other page. Most websites are easily organized into a set of standard page types:

  • Your Home page should to briefly introduce your company and interest the customer enough to spend their time looking through the rest of your website.

  • About Us pages tell your customers about you and your company. These pages help establish trust with your customers and establish your expertise. Trust is important when you are expecting customers to buy products online or invite you into their homes.

  • If you are selling items, the core of you website will be the Product pages, which describe each product in detail with options, prices, descriptions and a way for your customers to buy them.

  • If you provide services then Services pages will make up the main part of your website. You will want to describing each service in detail with options and pricing so your customers know what to expect.

  • A Policies page makes your business more respectable and explains your policies.

  • FAQs pages will answer most of your customers' questions. Often customers will search for answers to their questions before they decide where to buy their product or service, and if the search results bring them to your website you will have a chance to convince them to become your customers.

  • Blog and Newsletter pages are great ways to communicate with your customers. If you are already emailing a newsletter to your customers your website is a great place to archive your old newsletters so more people can read them. Blogs are even more popular because your customers can post their responses to your articles, but they take more effort because you will be expected to post responses to your customers' questions and comments.

  • Photo Gallery pages are good for showing off your products and services, and maybe even happy customers using your products.

  • You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you to make purchases and ask questions about your services or products. A Contact Us page with multiple ways to contact you (phone, email, fax, map to physical store) will make it easy and convenient for your customers contact you.

We will usually work with you to organize your information into pages during our first meeting, and you can assemble the detailed information for each of the pages at your leisure.

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