Promotional Websites

This type of website is used to promote a point of view, an industry, or an organization. Your website might tell viewers how to make donations or where they can buy your items, but its main goal is to inform members of your organization or the public.

A typical promotional website contains many pages because its main purpose is to provide information. Here are a few of the kinds of pages you might include in a promotional website:

  • The Home page tells your viewer what your website is about, downloads quickly, highlights special or important information, and directs users into the web site.

  • The About Us page may describe your organization, your staff, provide your location, display a map, give your hours, and briefly describe your mission or philosophy.

  • Your Information pages hold the bulk of your information. You probably want to limit each page to one topic to make your website more readable and more search engine friendly.

  • News pages usually cover related items of interest in the news media. They often contain article summaries with links to the original articles.

  • Your FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions page should answer the questions that will be asked by most people that want to learn about your point of view, industry or organization.

  • Gallery pages display pictures of staff, events, and other items related to the topic of your website.

  • Members Only pages are used to communicate private information to just your registered members.

  • You need a Join Us page if you want to recruit new members online. It might have an online form for new members to fill out, or it might just be general information and a way to contact a member of your organization.

  • Your Events page can be used to promote a list of upcoming events so members and others can easily find out when and where an event will be held.

  • Your Links page can provide links to other websites that have additional related information and online resources.

  • Press pages usually contain "press kits" with background information to help them flush out a story and pictures that reporters can use in their articles. The press can help or hinder your efforts so you want to make their job as easy as possible.

  • Your Contact page should provide several different ways for people to contact you. If someone is interested enough to read through your website, and they still have questions, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you for answers.

The cost of a promotional website will depend on how many pages are required, how much information is on each page, and how complex they are. A typical 5 page promotional website design will cost about $700*, and a hosting account with domain name registration will cost another $6.95*/month.

Hosting account and domain name registration costs: $6.95*/month
Develop a custom template: $210*
Create informational pages: $70-$140*/page

*These are only cost estimates. Your actual costs will be specified in your proposal

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