Real Estate Websites

Our real estate websites are like expanded MLS listings that customers can find on the Internet. They include all the important features of the home and neighborhood and many pictures. We will use pictures that you provide, or we will take pictures of your home if wish. A good picture can sell your home. A home for sale website can bring in customers, or remind customers what your home looked like after a day of looking at available homes, or even be a valuable tool for a customer to show to their spouse that wasn't able to go on the house hunting trip.

Your real estate website can contain:

  • Owner contact information

  • Realtor contact information

  • Location and map

  • Area and School information

  • Many pictures of the exterior, interior and important features

  • Descriptions of rooms and features

  • Floor plans and room dimensions

  • Lot description

The cost of a real estate website will depend on how much information you want on your website. A typical real estate website design will cost about $450*.

Take pictures of the home: $210*
Create a custom real estate page: $240*

*These are only cost estimates. Your actual costs will be specified in your proposal.

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