Search Engine Optimization

There are several ways that customers will find your website on the Internet. You can tell them your URL, put it on advertisements, brochures and business cards and they will type it into their web browser. This can be very effective, but your audience is limited. You can purchase online ads. This is probably the fastest way to put a link to your website in front of customers, but it can get expensive because you will pay fees which may be based on how many people click through to your website, or there may be a monthly rate. One of the most powerful techniques for getting customers to your website is to design it so the search engines show it on the first page of their search results. Most search engines will include links to your site in their search results for free if they think your website is worthy, and this is why we spend time optimizing our websites for search engines.

Search engines consider different aspects of your website when determining your website's rank in the search results. Google is the most popular search engine today, so we concentrate on what Google considers to be important when we optimize a site for search engines, but a well designed website will rank well for most search engines. Google considers the people using their search engine to be their customers and they want to keep their customers happy, so they rank websites that are more valuable to their customers higher in the search results.

Google won't give the details of the algorithm that they use to determine how valuable a website is, and they constantly change the algorithm, but Google does say that if you want to rank well in the search engine results you have to provide good content to their customers. There are estimated to be over 200 factors that the Google algorithm uses to evaluate your website and we will help you with the details. Your website content is important, but Google lets other websites "vote" on how important your website is. Google counts the number of links from other websites to your website, and websites with more incoming links and incoming links from more valuable websites are considered more important. If your website contains valuable content, then other websites will eventually link to it, and we will show you how to speed up the process by getting additional links sooner.

It isn't necessary to submit your website with Google because it reads the entire Internet every 6 weeks, and it will find your website if you have at least a few links from other websites in its index, but it probably won't hurt to submit your website to Google so they are sure to look it over. We will submit your website to Google, but it may still take up to 6 weeks before they include your website in their index and your customers can find you in their web searches.

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