Single Page Websites

A single page website will provide a very low cost web presence, which may be just what you need if you are advertising an event, or selling an item. We will register your domain name for 1 year, provide a small amount of website hosting space for 1 year, and create a single simple page for your website. We almost always recommend that you register your own domain name and pay for your own website hosting account, but if you only need a webpage for a short time and you want to pay as little as possible, this is your most economical option. Your single-page website probably won't rank well in the search engine results because your website is so small.

You might want this option if, for example, you create pottery and sell it at eBay® auctions, and you want to provide a little information about yourself and some pictures of your work to encourage customers to buy your pottery, but don't plan to sell enough pottery to justify the expense of your own domain name and website hosting. We can create a page about you with contact information, and a description of your work with some pictures and prices for about $250.

You also might like this option if you are interested in a hobby and would like to contact others with similar interests. We can create a website that explains how to get started with the hobby, some of the interesting things you have discovered, and links to other related websites. We can also include some personal information that allows people to contact you. We can put all this information on a single page for about $250.

Your actual cost will depend on how much information you want on your single page website, and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost in our proposal to create your single page website.

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