Website Programming

We write programs that can make your web pages powerful, interactive and more interesting to your customers. HTML is the markup language that we use to format your web pages and links between documents.

JavaScript® is a scripting language that we use to add simple interactivity to web pages. JavaScript® code is included inside the HTML documents, and runs on the user's computer, not the server, so it can respond faster. It is great for creating web pages in response to user inputs, opening new windows, implementing image rollovers, verifying form data before it is sent to the server, and reading or saving cookies on the user's hard disk.

PHP is a powerful programming language that is commonly used in websites. PHP code actually runs on your server to create the webpage that your customer downloads. We use PHP to process online form data, access databases, send email and secure private information from browsers.

Adobe Flash® is another powerful programming language that is often used to create movies or animations. Flash runs on your customer's computer and requires your customer to have a Flash plug-in in their browser. Luckily these plug-ins come with most browsers. We use Flash to create small animations in some websites. We have even created entire websites using Flash, but we have found that search engines do not understand Flash websites and therefore rank them lower in the search results. We don't recommend creating an entire website in Flash, but it works really well for small animations.

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